International CAE Conference

Location Vicenza, Italy
Dates Oct 8-9, 2018
Find us at booth 9
Granta Presentation Materials and simulation: from CAE to ICME, a 2040 vision
We will be demonstrating Materials data for simulation
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Granta Presentation

Granta Speaker: Jan Girman, Product Owner

Title: Materials and simulation: from CAE to ICME, a 2040 vision


Simulation is increasingly embedded in product design and development processes. Already a standard engineering activity across many industries, the Digital Twin is forcing companies to consider how models of products connect to one another throughout the lifecycle, and also to data and decisions relating to the physical product. What about materials? How confident are simulation analysts in the materials data that they use as input? How is this data linked to the other varied definitions of the material throughout an enterprise (e.g., for CAD, aesthetics, or compliance)? And what are the risks if it is not? We will review what leading engineering enterprises are doing to ensure traceability and connectivity for materials data, and thus robust, consistent simulation.

These same principles can be applied to simulation and design of the materials themselves, through approaches such as Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME). Indeed, with technologies such as Additive Manufacturing and Composites, modeling of the material and of the product are increasingly merging. The industrial vision for the development of computational materials science over the next 20 years sees significant advances in integrated multiscale modelling and simulation of materials and systems. This requires: the robust and traceable capture of simulation data, pedigree, and metadata; integration of simulation data alongside materials test data, enabling validation and calibration; the visualization of complex data, application of artificial intelligence, and quantification of uncertainties; and secure sharing of intellectual property within and between organisations. We will reflect on these requirements and how they might be met at an organizational and industry level.